Registration Instructions
Litéra offers full access to product support, knowledgebase articles, user guides, quick references and training videos on the Litéra Help Desk (LHD).
To request an account, please follow the steps below:

1.  Click to access LHD
2.  Click Sign Up
3.  Enter information in each field and click Request a New Account.

4.  Once the request for a new account is received, an email will be generated. When the account is activated, another email will be sent with login credentials.

5.  Once you have logged into LHD, a ticket can be created by selecting REQUEST SUPPORT, Create New Ticket.

6.  Enter all relevant information in the Ticket Description area.
     **NOTE: Please be sure to attach any documents related to the issue.

7.  Click Submit. Once the ticket is submitted an email will be generated to Litéra’s Help Desk Staff.

8.  The Home tab will contain all ticket history.

**NOTE: If this is an urgent issue please call customer support at +1-336-375-2991 or the Director of Client Satisfaction at +1-336-375-2991 x162.